Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Giants at Eagles - Sunday - 7:20pm

Is it me - or has this been a long week? Well - try watching that pile of "crap" game in person. The good thing is - there's more football to play. (And when you think about it - the Cowboys are still 2-7).

Which brings us to this week. Philly. F*cking Philly. Just saying it makes me hate all Philadelphia teams. I don't think I can ever see any Philly team the same way after seeing an episode of "The Life & Times of Tim" called "Suck It Philly"

Here's a clip:

So come out and chant "Suck It Philly" with the rest of us! Maybe if we're lucky - Dick knows that chant with his muzika palka!

Cape Buffalo Grille
17727 Addison Road
Dallas, TX 75287

For any newcomers - we watch the game in the Sky Box located on the right as you walk in.

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