Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just to set the record straight......

Just to set the record straight... I hate losing to the cowchumps as much as the next guy, the problem( I believe) is that BIG BLUE did not get pumped up enough for the match up. And maybe Kitna is better than that fag Romo... I know, I know it seems like I'm talking nonsense but Kitna treated the Db's like muffs... It wasn't like the usual QB play from these slags... there was a guy that stayed in the pocket while moving with it, there was a guy that didn't stare down the same receiver the whole game... etc,etc, etc.... But I digress
Just to set the record straight.......... While I was pleased BIG BLUE DFW got some pub in the paper on Monday,(to me) it seemed like our whole season is made when we beat the cowboys... Now it pleases me greatly when that does happen... just for the fact I live in Dallas and it is a beating with the bullshit I have to listen to... exp... on Sunday night and Monday I've heard from people that I thought had died.. but what can you do.. While I hate the cowchumps, that hate started for me about '94 or so after living here for three years, and this hate stems not from the actual team, but from the mindless fans that make it impossible for a person to sympathetic when they suck ass. The eagles however, is a different story... Every TRUE BLUE fan out there knows that as far as hating, these assholes are on the start of the list... exp... My hate for the eagles started in Nov. '75 on the beautiful island of Barbados. Where a man of limited means seduced a lovely young woman under the shade of a Mahogany tree... nine months later this handsome, hung, intelligent, eagle hating, machine said hello the the world... Now after seeing what they did to the foreskins on Monday, I have to say..... and this is difficult... these guys are pretty fucking good..... but you know what: SO ARE THE GIANTS!!!! I feel very optimistic about Sunday night.... Fuck these guys, in the ear... TWICE... So on Sunday night, I expect to see my BIGBLUE faithful all chest out and ready to get in some eagle ass!!!! This is a CLASSIC N.F.C. match up that brings up all kinds of memories.( for this guy anyway)


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