Monday, November 22, 2010

When it rains

My grandfather asked me the question, "do you know what happens when it rains?".... I with a smartass look on my face replied, " It pours." He said, " No! motherfuckers get wet." And that little gem of wisdom has carried me through for my whole life on this rock... We all watched the game, we all know what the problems are, we all know what the solutions should be... Instead of going home and ripping my Strahan photo off the wall with tears in my eyes like a little bitch... I will tread through the rain with my boys... Its so funny to me that some have got complete nuts and are cashing in... but not THIS guy.... this guy understands that with the forecast of the nfc, BIG BLUE is still in it to win it..... This guy knows that the G-FENCE just gave every team in the league a detailed blueprint how to contain Vick... This guy knows that the sliver lining is that identifying what the problems are early leads to timely fixes.... This guy knows that all is not lost.... Now while some are throwing in the towel, we are giants fans.... so we know that she may not be pretty but she fucks!!! and isnt that why you asked her out? So lets not jump off the roofs yet.... Lets take care of these jags... and now thats what its all about!!!


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Where are these not so pretty girls? Oh not for me...I am just asking for Peter...heh heh heh.