Sunday, December 12, 2010

Giants at Vikings (Detroit Ford Field) - Monday - 6:20pm

So...the NFL has decided the game will be played in Detroit (another domed stadium). I can already hear the Viking fans complaining. "How come they didn't move the game to the University of Minnesota Stadium?" Going to Detroit doesn't make sense - how are we going to move our gay Viking ship?"

I can see it now. Some douche bag probably has a t-shirt that says "WWJVD?" (as in What Would Jesse Ventura Do?)

Suck it up buttercup. It's not like you had some kind of home field advantage in the cold weather of Minnesota. You're stadium is also a dome jackass. (Maybe not now since there's no roof on your stadium).

BTW - Does anyone actually believe Ed Werder's report that Bret Favre wasn't going to start today had the game actually been played.

Really? I don't bye it. Fuc&ing retire already.


Minnesota said...

And you wonder why no one reads this crap...

Jesse Ventura said...

I would send them all WWJVD t- shirts and I do read