Sunday, December 12, 2010

NFL is to blame for this game change!!!

Yeah, Mr. NFL, don't go hiding because you're the one to blame for this move. Stop pointing at the Mother nature. You want to know why? Well, let's see: 7 of the last 8 Giants-Viqueers games including the last 3 consecutive times were scheduled in MN in Nov-Dec. Were you just born yesterday not to realize that there is a good chance of snow blizzards in MN around Christmas? I know, you need to rub Brettie Fart's and those Viqueers' p&@%*#% that badly right? Well, the roof collapsed yesterday. Who knows, with some luck, the whole dang stadium could come down too. As for those purple arses queers fans, duck tape d@$%#& in your holes and suck it up.

Ok, I now desperately need Brett Fart's to be the 6th QB TKO while retiring his ars for good. It would be the only Christmas gift that I want this year, Santa Big Blue!!!

Go G-Men!!!


Mac- said...

Peter and I are in conspiracy mode today... see my comment in Bob's post, "Metrodome Collapses"

Now is the NFL involved in Roofgate?

Bob said...

I think Big P should win something for the 100th post in 2010.

Santa Claus said...

HO HO HO. Well, Peter, I couldn't let the Giants Defense hurt Brett Favre... so I told the Vikings to bench him or the Snow Warlock will destroy the entire Metrodome.

I hope you enjoyed my idle threat and the beat down of Jackson and Webb???

Ho Ho Ho and Peter, you should know by now, the NFL has only ONE OT in regular season!