Monday, December 27, 2010

Giants Playoff Hopes

Are fading. But Stop! Hold on...Stay in control.

Now trailing the Packers for the NFC's sixth and final spot, the Giants will only be playing in the playoffs if they beat the Redskins and IF Chicago wins at Green Bay or IF they win at Washington, Green Bay wins and current fifth-place team New Orleans loses Monday night at Atlanta and next Sunday at home to Tampa Bay.

Got it...Phew. The Giants again, simply need to win, but have zero control of their own destiny.

Do they deserve to go to the playoffs? They actually were holding the control of a playoff spot in the their hands. To then let is slip away like our last two game... Just Win Giants!

Just win and let fate...fatum...theosphaton play its part.

Peter, enter your sanctum (sounds nasty) and pray to your four gods of football... The Crunch Bunch.

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