Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Coaching Calling!!!

First off: F$%& the Sheagirls and their fans!!! If you are not aware, Nicks is out this Sunday with broken toe so our G-Men playoffs hope grew much dimmer with the damn Sheagilrs started choking already. The Bears may not have enough motivation to play their starters to beat the Packers this Sunday. So, the Giants just need to win for self respect.

Second and more importantly, you may think differently but I want TC and his staff gone regardless of Sunday outcome - his time ran out. Sewage (DE) needs to go too. His defensive schemes suck. How do you explain rushing 4 with 7 in coverage and still leaving opponent receivers wide opened? And this is after we spent big money to buy a big time FA safety AND getting KP back?!? Last, f&#% Killdrive for making some dumbass calls at the wrong times. F$%all of them for ruining our playoffs chances two weeks in the row and ruining our Christmas and New Year holidays!!!

As always and forever, go BIG BLUE.


Peter said...

Too upset to type: I meant to say Sewage (DC)...

Drew said...

Peter, normally I would keep my mouth shut because everyone has their own opinion. In this case, I'm going to voice mine so I'm on the record. Most of the people I know agree with you about the coaching. I'm going to disagree. I'm going to go ahead and blame these last two games on the players. Some of the coaches need to be let go, but, I'm going to say it; if we get rid of Coughlin it will set the team back at least one year and we'll see no difference. Still no playoffs.

The players:
1. Eli Manning. Buddy, when will you start playing like a QB that earns his $100+ million? When the hell did it become okay to just throw up bombs for 30-50 yards into double coverage? Not acceptable. If you have to dink and dunk your way down the field, why not do it? Are you worried about incompletes? Does it really matter when,
2. The running backs still don't know how to hold a football. I put as much blame on the RBs and their two COMPLETELY IGNORANT fumbles during the Green Bay game. If you're a pro you should know how to hold a ball. Giants select a running back in the second round this year. Mark it. Jacobs or Bradshaw will only get the start for 1-3 games at the start of the year and then they're backups.

I could go on further but I might just create article about it tomorrow. I think we may have a keep em or get rid of them at the end of the season for each of the players. I need to see how to do that.

But let me ask you this...Mike Garafolo posted this question and I think it's a good one. After watching those guys play on Sunday, "would the team have had a better chance to win that game with Cowher, John Fox, Jeff Fisher, Jon Gruden, etc."? In this guys opinion, no they would not.

Again, my own 2 cents. I'm sure a lot of people don't feel the same way as me.

Peter said...

I agree with you that there are plenty of players to be blamed on starting with Eli, Bradshaw, Jacobs, fucking #24 can't-cover CB, Rolle, Boss, Ross (don't remember seeing him much!), etc... And I agree that the Keep/Gone list is lengthy for this off season. I also agree that new head coach could "set the team back at least one year" but let me emphasize could.

With that being said, here are my reasons for my opinion:
1) Discipline is the big issue with this team after they're starting out well, especially in December since 2008 season. They all feel "up in cloud 9" (or whatever usually said) after starting hot then they can't get up after being knocked back to earth! I think we have seen that trend for two or three straight seasons now. Haven't we?
2) Lack of discipline starts from head coach. If I remember correctly, TC was still in support of Lewis (DC) after the disastrous 2006 season. I think that Giants organization placed several ultimatums on TC's head when they met with him that off season. Spags was the reason we won in 2007. Not TC.
3) After 2 or 3 straigth seasons of second half collapses, what guarantee that it won't happen again next season with TC in charge? I'm afraid to watch it again...

I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinions. That is mine. I'm just tired of seeing that dumbass looks on TC's face when the Giants fuck up something. He needs a new posture!!!

Go Big Blue.

Drew said...

If the Giants made the playoffs and the Giants lost in the SuperBowl would you still fire Coughlin?