Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Not Really The End of the World.

Okay, I've had almost 24 hours to digest what happened. (I just got done watching the DeSean Jackson play for the first time since last night and I was sick to my stomach.) Look, I've read all kinds of comments and posts from people all over the Internet. While this is probably the greatest loss in Giants regular season history, it's still not the worst loss in the entire Giants history. Let's save that for the 2002 Wild Card playoff game against the 49'ers and the 2000 SuperBowl against the Ravens since those were both one and done games. But let's take a step back for just a moment. I'm frustrated and upset like all of you. But don't ask me to be embarrassed. I'll never be embarrassed or ashamed to be a Giants fan. I'll save that for the Eagles fans and their trophy case that looks something like this.

There are still a couple of possible scenarios that put the Giants in the playoffs. Let me begin by saying that I'm not one of those guys who's going to cheer for other teams to lose, except the team that the Giants are playing. I'll hold nothing against anyone who does that because I can appreciate your passion for the team. I think if you can't make the playoffs by winning your own games then you're probably not going to go to far in the playoffs to begin with. That said, lets look at two possible scenarios.

1. Giants beat Green Bay - That's it. Win and you're in.
2. Vikings beat Bears and the Giants win either of their next two games and they're in.

That's all it takes. Just win out. Does anybody other than Cowboys fans remember how great they were during the 2007 regular season after sweeping the Giants in the regular season and losing to the eventual SuperBowl Champions in the playoffs? No...cause nobody gives a shit. Let's just make the playoffs and TCB. I want every single player and team contributor from the Giants organization good and fired up. Get mad. Be angry. Stay pissed off. Whatever you do, just play like a NY Giant should and be proud to wear that NY on your sleeve. I know I am.

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