Monday, December 20, 2010

Something From Tony D'Amato...But A Little Different:

I don't know what to say - really. The biggest battle of our 2010 season was lost in seven minutes. It all comes down to next Sunday - and either - we heal as a group today or we crumble. See – we’re in hell right now. Believe me - we can stay here and sulk - get the shit kicked out of us next week - or we can fight our way back into the playoffs. We can climb out of hell – one game at a time – and hope we get a shot at redemption.

Now I can't do it alone. I look around - I see the new faces from BigBlueDFW and I think – wow 100 people showed up. Think about that – one hundred people were willing to share in our misery. That’s truly amazing and a little overwhelming too. I mean – sure – the group made some mistakes. We’ve made just about every bad choice a fan group can make. The wait staff was very undermanned. The room we watch the game in isn’t comfortably suited for that kind of crowd. And we allow the main room to broadcast a game that only 4 people are watching. But these are just the growing pains of a group that bonds together win or lose.

You see – in this group - we tear ourselves and everyone else around us to pieces. We attach ourselves to this team – to this group – to Sundays in the fall. Because we know there’s a sizable lull between the Pro Bowl and the draft that just can’t fill our Giants void.

I'll tell you this - in a time of confusion - in a time of “WTF just happened” – games like yesterday that make you stand tall against the killjoys of the world. Now you can deal with this game many ways. You can tackle it head on - wait for the next game – avoid sports shows on television and radio – or just avoid football all together. Just remember this – there is another week.

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