Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Dallas Consolation Prize

Here we are a week before the Superbowl and that can mean only 1 thing right? (Enter the sound of crickets) Who else thinks of the Pro Bowl? Not this guy. Now - I personally don't like that the NFL has moved it to the week before the Superbowl.

For one thing - the 10 players on the Steelers and Packers can't participate. Why would the NFL not want the players from "arguably" the 2 best teams in Hawaii representing their product.

Mix in some injuries and you've got some non deserving players making the trip. For example - on Wednesday - the NFL added Dallas WR Miles Austin due to an injury by DeSean Jackson. Really? Miles Austin? I call bullshit...and here's why:

Rec Yds Yds/G TDs
Hakeem Nicks - Rec (79) Yds (1,052) Yds/G (80.9) TDs (11)
Miles Austin - Rec (69) Yds (1,041) Yds/G (65.1) TDs (7)
Mario Manningham - Rec (60) Yds(944) Yds/G (65.0) TDs (9)

Considering Hakeem Nicks missed a few games and might still be hurt - I would consider him Pro Bowl worthy. And if he is still hurt - doesn't he at least get the right to "not attend" due to injury? I'm just saying...

I added Manningham to the list because when I heard Miles Austin made the Pro Bowl - I immediately said, "That's bullshit - Hakeem Nicks had a better year than he did...hell - Mario Manningham had a better year than he did."

Turns out I wasn't too far off.

Congrats Dallas - there's your consolation prize.

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