Monday, January 31, 2011

Charlie Sheen a Lawrence Taylor starter kit

I like LT. I admired his greatness and think he was the best player to ever step on a football field. The New York Giants will most likely never see a player quite like him ever again. We can hope... but I feel Giants fans were lucky have an LT play in New York.

LT was a part of a great defense and Two Super Bowl Championships. After a night of Boozing and Coke...He was always good to get two sacks and a fumble. I do not think LT ever missed a game... other than Suspension. Suspended for being a Wild Man.

A bold Charlie Sheen once was asked in an interview, "What do you think about Wild Man, Russell Crowe?" Sheen replied... "Amateur!" Would he say that about LT ? Now, could Charlie Sheen have admired LT too? Maybe not the same as die hard Giants fans? Lets look a little closer.

When Taylor was once asked what he could do that no outside linebacker could, his answer was, "Drink". Sounds like a Charlie Sheen answer.

LT claimed he hired and sent prostitutes to opponents' hotel rooms the night before a game in an attempt to tire them out and that at his peak, he spent thousands of dollars a day on narcotics. Sounds like Charlie Sheen.

He also recounted several other instances of aberrant behavior, including arriving to a team meeting during his playing career in handcuffs after spending a night with some call girls. Hey, sounds like Charlie Sheen.

Sounds like Charlie Sheen is an LT stater kit to me!

Anyway, Charlie is entering rehab again. I guess CBS will have to delay Two and a half men... He should try LT's rigid rehabilitation of golf.

Two Rounds of golf a day and call LT in the morning.

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