Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gilbride and Fewell Receiving Interest!!

TC stays and plans to keep the entire coaching staff intact.
To Carolina and Cleveland: Gilbride and Fewell are perfect for your head coaching positions.
BBWC crew: We need to chip in money to buy bus fares for both of them to get to Carolina and Cleveland!!!

"Gilbride and Fewell Receiving Interest: According to ESPN, the Carolina Panthers and Cleveland Browns have requested to interview Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell regarding their respective head coaching vacancies.

In addition, there are reports that the University of Connecticut is interested in Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride regarding their head coaching vacancy.

Coughlin Indicates No Imminent Changes to Coaching Staff: Head Coach Tom Coughlin was asked yesterday if he intended to make changes to the coaching staff. “Right now, I’m not,” replied Coughlin. “We’re just starting that part of it, but right now I have to say no.”

General Manager Jerry Reese was asked if he wanted Coughlin to make coaching staff changes. “Well, that’s part of the evaluation process,” replied Reese. “We start evaluating the players, we evaluate the staff, we evaluate the front office, we evaluate everything. We want to get better, we’re all a team, we want to see where we made mistakes and get better.”


Drew said...

In 2010 the Giants finished 7th in the league in total defense. In 2008 the Giants finished 5th and lost in the first round of the playoffs after the bye. In 2007 the Giants finished the season 7th in total defense and won the Super Bowl. Sorry, but I'm going to go with blaming some of the players on this one and leave Fewell alone. As for Gilbride, it's probably his time to go.

Kevin Gilbride said...

Dear NY4Life,

Please stop writing about me. I do not want to leave the Giants on a bad note. Please say nice things about me. Stop with this Killdrive nickname. It looks bad in my U Conn interview.

Peter, I mean, NY4Life, if you stop, I will be your best friend. If you continue to write bad things I will be forced to NOT be your friend everrrrrrr!

PS I don't make fun of your blogs or draft picks...