Wednesday, January 12, 2011

News & Notes:

- It looks like Perry Fewell might be done interviewing for head coaching vacancies. I hope he stays with the Giants...we don't need to have our 5 DC in 6 years.

- Kevin Gilbride/Killdrive...and I just saw a new one - Nottoobright. I thought that was pretty funny. Looks like our current and predictable OC is out of the running for the head coaching job at UConn. Sonofa...

- Rumors of Plaxico's return didn't take long...was it less than 24 hours after the Giants last game?

- Did anyone else see that Sinorice Moss signed with the Eagles on Monday? Any bets if he makes their team next season?

- O'Hara pulled out the Pro Bowl in order to have surgery...that makes sense. How many times have we seen players wait 6 months only to have surgery right before training camp. I don't know how much O'Hara has left in the tank...but I'll tip my hat for that decision.

- A good (and lengthy article) by Andy Barall of the New York Times:

- Everyone knows that the Raiders run their organization like a teenager at a fast food restaurant...slow and sloppy. After voiding the contract for Nnamdi Asomugha - does anyone else think the Giants should jump all over this?

- Speaking of Nnamdi Asomugha - why is it that the Eagles are always considered a favorite to land these big free agents?

- Even though the mock drafts will change 100 times between now and draft day...they just never get old. (Start studying Peter!)

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