Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Im all bummed out!

Dang it, those f%$#ing eagles and that last 8 minutes of hell. G-Men had it and let it ripped out of their hands to those f@#$king chokers. It could have been us...
Now, I have to sit here and see pictures of the child-rapper Rottenburger and those ugly cheese heads and their cowboys-losing fans. F'em all!!!
Personally, I don't mind Rodgers and I think Matthews is a beast so I don't mind rooting for them to win, espcially Rodgers just because he has to watch that drama pussy Favre for few years... but that means those cheese heads and that f&%^ing obnoxious lady can haunt someone else (hell, I hope someone knock her out!!!). On the other hand, I prefer not to see the Steelers tie G-Men on NFL championship count!!

Big Blue For Life.

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Ryan said...

Rothlisberger was a child Rapper? Like Lil Bow Wow?