Friday, March 4, 2011

Mike and Mike

And the rest of the blogging, reporting, Anti- Eli ranters need to find another QB to write about. Plenty of GMs would love to have Eli Manning as a their QB. Plenty of teams need a QB like Eli. Thank God we made the trade for Eli and moved past Dave Brown, Kent Graham and the Bachelor Era.

Jmall had a great post with the two valid issues. Why is Eli a target and when will the G-Men get divisional respect over of all teams the COWBOYS?

Are you kidding me with the Mike "Suck it Philly" Golic prognosis of Eli. Of course he bashes Eli. Manning is a New York Giant that won a Super Bowl Championship Ring. Golic is just a jealous Ex Eagle. As for the other Mike...please enough said, I bet that fruit sleeps next to a pillow with Romo's image each night.

Yet, I don’t think Eli's gone crashing backwards into the bowels of QB hell. Despite youthful WRs and injuries to both WRs and Linemen, if anything Eli is improving a little every year.

Eli had 4000 yards back to back years. Threw for the most TDs since YA Tittle with 31 TDs and has never thrown less than 21 TD s in a season. This year, yes... yes ... yes he had 25 INTs. It's the most to date, but that happens when balls are tipped, dropped and fumbled. The team relied too heavily on the QB and the pass game. Hence, he tries to hard to make something happen.

Giants need to get back to Giants football- Running the ball, Great Defense, Protecting the ball and Protecting the QB! We protect the ball we can have a better balance of run-pass.

I'd trade for Eli again today and twice on Sunday. As well, I will never forget Super Bowl XLII. As for Mike Golic which is your best moment in a Super Bowl?

I hear nothing, but the sound of crickets coming from the mic of Mike Golic.

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