Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top 5 questions facing the NEW YORK GIANTS

So I'm listening to Mike and Mike patiently awaiting the five questions facing the giants just so I can get some national GIANTS action.... And I got to tell you, these guys are on point with every question but the first, let me know if you agree..... #1. Has QB Eli Manning taken a step back? Right away Golic says yes and goes nuts on our boy while Greenie says when he's good he's good.. but when he's bad he's awful.... Are you kiddin me Greenie, no shit buddy... when I'm getting laid I'm good and when I'm not I'm awful.... jerk off.... anyways I dont think Eli's gone backwards... its just a series of unfortunate events is all.... #2. Who is the most important RB? Golic goes with Bradshaw right off the bat while Greenie says the two back system works... well in my opinion, while both are of great value, Bradshaw has more importance... I don't know about you guys but everytime BJ runs the ball, I have a fear that he'll get hurt, maybe its just me... #3. What are the GIANTS do about the turnover problem?... This to me is the MOST important question facing BIG BLUE this off season.... but we all know how to fix this: HOLD ON TO THE DAMN PEAL!! #4. Who will the NYG draft? well they(and this guy)both agree that on an OLT, if this is the case, then PLEASE "NASTY NATE SOLDER" OLT Col... (the nasty is optional... but feels good off the tongue)... #5. Stock raising or falling for next season? On this, these cockchuggers do what the do every year.... they say that the cowboys keep underachieving in that division, then they mention the eagles,then BIGBLUE.... WHAT THE FUCK? how many years will this nonsense go on? Last time the cowboys were worth a shit the "Macarena" was in the top ten, Jmall was sweating asking a hottie to the senior prom, Bob and Mack were making fun of all the "muffs" in Plano, Big Pete was making his daughter, Rich no doubt went to drink beer and kick ass and was almost out of beer, and Drew... well Drew was discovering hair where there wasn't hair before.... Why oh why do these media types fuck with Eli sooo much and leave that fuck romo alone?.... It just makes me HATE them soo much that I can't sleep sometimes... I mean if they just put BIG BLUE behind philly I would not love it but I would understand... But this bullshit.... its a slap in the face to every one of us that bleed blue!!!! anyway, I miss my BIG BLUE crew and let get together soon fellas.... peace


Peter said...

Obsolutely genius, especially about Drew!!!
How much you weight?

Bob Golic said...

Eli bashing is too easy. Mike and Mike can suck it.