Thursday, July 28, 2011

BigBlueDFW New Home Search - Long Post Alert - Be Warned

First, the good news......BIG BLUE SEASON BEGINS TOMORROW!!!! 

Officially, anyway. What up all?? Okay, sorry for the lack of updates. You all know how fast time rolls by and it sometimes gets away from us.

So, in a nutshell, we still don't have a home, but there are prospects. I've evaluated a few places by myself, talked with several managers and I've also been out with several of you to check out other places. I've even been fortunate enough to have some places contact me about wanting the business. First, let me share with you what goes into the consideration we give when looking at each potential new BigBlueDFW home. Then, I want to share with you some of the places that have been looked at. I didn't want to share my comments on the blog post because I thought it might be unfair to one bar over another. I'll be happy to email anyone who didn't receive my bulk email with the comments of myself and others. Finally, you can email if you have a place you think should be considered, but try to keep in mind some of the considerations listed below as they apply to the diversity of our fan base. If everyone thinks these consideration are making things too difficult to decide, let me know and I'll be happy to take in anything considered.

Considerations - Explanation
1. Sound - This seems to be everyone's biggest concern.
2. Location - Believe it or not, I realize many of you travel long distances to meet up every week. Speaking for Drew Feger, and not BigBlueDFW, I really enjoy seeing all of you each week and have really tried hard to keep the place close to where we were so that I can continue seeing your smiling faces. Since there are fans in the Far North, Far South, Far West, and East side I wouldn't want any one group of people in one location to have to travel much further.
3. Size of establishment - Can it accommodate 30-50 people on average with as many as 100+ like we've seen?
4. Cost of Food and Alcohol - Some like the booze more than food. Some prefer the meal. But $5 beers and $12 hamburgers are a factor to consider.
5. Amount of TVs and Quality/Size of the main TVs
6. Appreciation of our business - Are we going to be looked at as just another fan group or a source of revenue that is appreciated?
7. Smokiness of the bar - Some don't mind the smoke. Most hate it. In Addison there is the risk of smoke.
Okay. I know this is a lot of info but I'm doing this to keep everyone informed so you can hopefully appreciate why we just don't pick a place and say "good enough."

Places Visited - Location
Hideaway - Addison
Hub - Addison
The Back Nine - Addison
Fox and the Hound - George Bush and Marsh
Humperdinks - Addison
Austin Ave Bar Grill - Plano
Mucky Duck - Addison Circle
Black Finn - Addison

Tell me some other places to check out. C'mon, it's your fan group too. What do you think?

Place to Check Out this Weekend
Frankie's - Lewisville - They have portable sound boxes at each table. Not sure about their fan clubs or prices.
Tilted Kilt - Lewisville
Dodie's - Addison
Austin Ave Bar Grill - Richardson
Franchise Bar Grill - Plano

Okay, now it's on you to respond. Remember, reply or email:

Can't wait to see you all again real soon. I'll try to keep you posted every few days with any new info.

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Anonymous said...

One vote for the Hideaway.
Central Location.
Reasonable prices.
Giants first attitude.