Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Giants sign Bradshaw

Congrats to Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs for getting signed and resigned in order to keep our offense balanced.  I think Jacobs put the team first and allowed the GMEN to make room for AB. Whats's next for the Giants?

Hopefully getting number 12 signed and sealed with a good bill of health.

As for Mr. Manningham and Mr. Nicks, it's now time to replace the past with your own Chapter in Giants History.

Go Big Blue!

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Anonymous said...

Well so much for the re-signing of #12 steve smith! WTF Giants?!okay Boss went to oakland and now steve smith gone to the mother fucking eagles. are you serious?!? Yeah I know he has the micro foot fracture but thats healing just fine. I think we fucked up but thats just me.