Thursday, September 29, 2011

Big Blue DFW Editorial

So Michael Vick whines and complains that the referees do not protect him. I am sorry, I thought that was the job of the Eagles offensive line. He squealed all post game.,the Giants hit me late... no flags were thrown.... everyone hits me late.... I am always on the ground.

Well, I for one thought it was disgusting to watch an NFL referee lend Vick an arm to help him up. Where were his teammates to scrape him off the field? Vick moaned all post game for us to find out he only bruised his non throwing hand! "We thought it was a fracture", according the Eagles. Speaking of we thought it was a fracture...

Romo! So he fractures a rib, and the next day someone claims had a punctured lung. Now this puncture is miraculously cured. Wow! Is this guy a comic book character with the ability to cure injured organs?

He even flew on a airplane that night after the game with the alleged punctured lung. Hmmm something deosn't sound right. Could he have flown if he really punctured his lung in a pressurized cabin? According to some doctors, it probably wasn't punctured in the game like the story tells.

Some talk was swirling around DFW that maybe it was punctured after getting treatment caused by a needle to inject him nicking his lung creating the minuscule puncture. Way to cover up your medical staff goof to add to the tale.

But nonetheless, it sounds like another cowboy tale to fuel a news story like the Emmett Smith dislocated shoulder. Their team doctors should write fantasy and fables for children of DFW to go along with their exaggerated prognosis.

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