Friday, September 30, 2011

D-Foot on the pedal down to the metal


Now back to business. It looks like we’re still fighting with injury front since both Nicks and Tuck were out of practice on Thursday. Nicks was due to swollen (right) knee that he had operation on while Tuck was pain in the neck, literally! Good news (WOW, really?!) is both Manningham and Osi were practicing on limited basis so hopefully both can play some this Sunday...
Lets face it: The football Gods hate us so be it - keep bringing it on football Gods!!!

The formula for Big Blue is simple:
- Keeping the D-foot on the pedal down to the metal along with keeping Ross' head straight
- Grinding out the ground game on offense to take opponent's attention off Cruz. Attention Killdrive: CREATIVITY like the play to Jacobs last week turning to TD. Amazingly, it worked huh? Lets try again each week. I triple dare you!!! Speaking of WR, Nicks needs to get back to the old Nicks.

That’s all Big P has to say this week. I must say that beating the crap out of vicks last week was very satisfying then hearing him crying about the refs was icing on the cake. It will be interesting to see how the refs call the sheagles games the rest of the season. They may just stop blowing the whistles all together when vicks goes back to pass and let the sack party goes on. I’m ok with that!

Go Big Blue!
Big P.

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