Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Highlights of week 2 win vs. Rams

In addition to our own group's highlights of last night Big Blue win vs. Rams (28-16): the significant size 50+ crowd, THE mask (NO, you can't make me wear it!!), the high-fives merry around several times, the carrot catch (I'll leave the name out bcuz she knows who she is :)), the hugs from the pretty G-Men fans (easy Drew, not you :D), etc...

We do have some good game highlights. I vote for Hixon's circus catch. It's attached for your pleasure. Unfortunately, he twisted his ACL-reconstructed right knee and calf, hopefully nothing major so he can come back soon. We REALLY need him. Ditto to Manningham due to concussion.

Bring on those smucks sheagles and the b**toch Steve Smith (Note to Diana: I DO NOT want to see you cheering for that douche!!!).

Go Big Blue!!!

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