Thursday, September 22, 2011

That's one down

So the "w" barrier has been perforated and officially the GIANTS are in this race... it seems to me that the dropping of the passes right in the hands is just gonna haunt this team again this season. One thing I really hope is that these teams don't use the no- huddle approach to attack the defense. As the Rams showed ALL of America "MNF" is that BIG BLUE D's optimal effectiveness relies heavily on the substitutions of the D linemen... so this guy's gonna be worried about this business all season.... Next, as for the eagles... I'm very disappointed in the fact that vick probably will not play on Sunday.... I really want to see BIGBLUE T.C.B. that sucka... Any ways... that's all I got this week, not a whole lot to ramble on about... But as GIANTS fans we all know this fact..... one can't just simply watch the GMEN with any kind of ease... there's always an underlying uneasiness that manifests itself most subtlety through out those 60mins that we all covet all week... And as a result, the losses hurt like the passing of a first pet, and the victories, well the victories, they make us all have that walking on sunshine feeling till the next game we all assume the clinched ass cheek positions... As for this fan, I don't mind it so much.... so LETS-GO-GIANTS!!!!!! And there better be a little SUCK-IT-PHILLY!!! chants out of our BIGBLUEDFW crew

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