Friday, September 30, 2011

Props To Steve Weatherford

I know what you're thinking...props to a punter? Yes...and I'll tell you why. If you're not following Weatherford5 on twitter - you're missing out.

Not only does he tweet pictures and comments from the road...but he also has some legitimately funny stuff to say. Check out this one sent upon the team's arrival to Philadelphia last week:

"Just arrived in Philly. What a dump, Let's get a W and get the heck outta here."

How great is that? It's almost like he's a Giants fan that plays for the team! I mean - isn't that the kind of stuff we tell each other before the game starts?

And the @SuckItPhilly mentality didn't stop there. Before the game - he intentionally punted the ball into the Eagles' team huddle right before he went into the locker room.

I even saw a picture of him wearing a t-shirt that said, "Give me a scotch - I'm starving!"

If it were Jameson - I think I would have bought his jersey!

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