Friday, September 30, 2011

birds for dinner

As you all know.. BIGBLUE has ZERO love for bird teams.... and it looks like there's two in a row. While I fear and respect the sports jinx, I have to say that I fully expect to see our beloved GIANTS kick some bird ass for the next two Sundays. Since these teams aren't any great shakes, it's my belief that O$i should sit at least this week. Hell, Nicks too. Why risk it?..... I have nothing else to add cause its all sunshine and koolade after last weeks performance... so I will give a LETS-GO-YANKEES!!! to start my weekend off and see all you humps on Sunday for that BIGBLUE machine.... jmall

1 comment:

Drew said...

Holy shit, you just brought up a great point. Next week is the Seahawks. 3 bird teams in three weeks.....THAT'S SOME BULLLSHHHIITTTT..