Tuesday, September 13, 2011

week 1

So I did have to wait a couple of days after a GIANTS win/loss.. before I post... First of all... it was an awesome representation of the bigbluedfw crew.. it always warms my heart to see all the faithful showing up with all the enthusiasm and genuine bravado one expects from an East coaster.... lets hope that we continue this trend... As for the game..... well I believe that until bigblue gets healthy on D, we pretty much will have to get lucky in the first couple of weeks... As you all know the fuel for our beloved GIANTS starts with the D, and that starts with JT.. then the O can get into the mix.... I will have to say I was disappointed with the O unit... when the D- is hurting, and your playing the F-ing redskins, you just have to step that shit up... One thing that always holds true as it relates to the NFL is... If you're gonna make the play offs, you HAVE to beat the teams that you're supposed to beat, its just that simple... Now while I didn't expect to go undefeated this season, I also didn't expect to lose the these chumps, the same holds true for Ari, Sea, Buff, the 49er's, and the Dolphins.... In the past I've been known to get all pissed off at the fact that the media doesn't show any love... but I'm beginning to understand a little... performances like that one on Sunday makes bigblue look like bush league... That being said, the silver lining to this business is that: its easier to fix the shit at the start of the trip than it is towards the end... I love my GIANTS weather there's one win or there's 11 wins.... I can't wait to see the crew on Monday night so hopefully we can pop this 2011 season cherry... and call her back every Sunday for a little tickle and nibble..

Peace..... Jmall

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