Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 1 Therapy Session

Like most of us do after a loss - we hang around after the game and have a little therapy session. To me - losing is miserable and everyone knows that misery loves company. To me - any time I can share my frustration and disappointment with fellow Giants fans...it actually helps. So when I asked the question, "Can you name something good that happened today?" There was an uncomfortable silence.

How bad is that?

The only thing I could think of was Steve Weatherford. He didn't get a punt blocked and he didn't shank one 15 yards. Wow - the only shining light on the day was our punter? Now - given the punting situation last year - the bar has been set pretty damn low...but our punter? I guess you could throw JPP in there too...he had a pretty solid game filling in for O$i.

And I don't want to use injuries as an excuse so you won't hear it here. Injuries happen and there's nothing you can do about it. Bottom line is this team - as banged up as they are - should still be better than the Redskins. I mean - we made Rex Grossman look like a Pro Bowler.

-The offense seems predictable...again.
-Bradshaw running between the tackles and Jacobs around the corners...really?
-What about using our 264 lbs RB on 4th & 1. Why not use him as a decoy for a play action to the TE? Wouldn't that be something?
-The defense is just soft. And describing them as soft is about the biggest insult I could express.
-The guy that buzzes down for challenges should be fired. Hell - he should have been fired a couple years ago.

I guess it just feels like we lost to Arizona when they were in the NFC East. Even in some of the lean years - you could always count on 2 W's from Arizona. I guess the Redskins have become such an afterthought lately - that even I took them lightly. I can only imagine the players did too.

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