Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Bye Week For The Giants...

And not much going on. However, the players love the time off. They can heal up, spend time with family or head back to the ole Alma Mater. How do I know... twitter.

For the fan... A Bye week spells for a crappy Sunday. Even the week leading up, the sporting press takes a breather to make it a slow news week overall. Yet leave it to the players and fans on twitter all week.... to liven it up.

From #WeatherfordWednesday, to the Giants players, and to the fans....the bye week was as entertaining as ever.

So if you follow twitter... get on board with the fun. If you don't... then sign up. Either way kick it up this #weatherfordwednesday and get creative. Follow your favorite Giants players and Giants fans from all over. Cheer on Big Blue this week against the Miami Dolphins!

It's now time for the Big Blue fans to turn the heat up this week. Time to Bring the NOise to Giants Stadium and Sports bars all over! It's time to time at Buffalo Joe's for the Big Blue DFW Crew. You know who you are!

@bigbluedfw' s top 5 players to follow:
1.@weatherford5- trash talking, big time punter and Mr. #weatherfordwednesday himself.
2.@NYG_J_Ballard85-The Giant TE that makes it happen on the field.
3.@JustinTuckNYG91- Leader, badass and heart of the D.
4.@TeamVic - Stepped up when needed and big play WR.
5.@DatBoyJPP - 7.5 sacks in 6 games... Rising Star in NYC...JPP!

You want us to follow it.

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