Monday, October 17, 2011

Super Sunday!

I must say that coming into yesterday game being under the weather then watched too quick strikes against our defense who were all asleep I may add, I thought to myself: Shit, I'm getting sicker by a minute and may crash soon! But then AB comes to the rescue: THANK YOU Bradshaw. I believe he was the one turned the game around with his relentless rushing. And yes, our defense woke up in 2H. Bravo to Websters for his two INTs. JPP was a beast. So was Osi - yes, the still pissed-off Osi and I hope he remains p.o. for the rest of the season. Then comes the victorious jeager shots and shots and shots... Finally, the victorious me being tossed up in the air. Loving it all!!!
This article is a great reading on how our G-Men is a MANLY-men football team:
As icing on the cake, the cowturds and homo lost (again).
Amazingly, I was not sick anymore by the time the super Sunday was wrapped up. What a super Sunday!
Who U with? Big Blue!!
Who U with? Big Blue!!
Who U with? Big Blue!!
Big P.

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