Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crediblility Lost...

You know what? I usually abide by the 24 hour rule in place before I post anything but I just can't let this go. Sure - it doesn't help that I've now seen Eli's pick six about 43 times on game breaks and highlights but it just tells me one thing. This team sucks.

Let's see who have the Giants have played:

Washington (3-1) - They might have the argument of being 4-0.
St. Louis (0-4) - We even struggled against them.
Philadelphia (1-4) They're like a Kardashian - everyone scores on them.
Arizona (1-4) - The Giants had to score 2 TDs in the final 3 minutes to win.
Seattle (2-3) - This one just baffles me...a loss at home to a 1 win team. I hate Pete Carroll.

Total (7-16) Results - they really haven't played anyone.'re going to roll over to a 1 win team at home today? Favored by 10 points and playing against their 2nd string quarterback. It just seems like every week the Giants find a way to make the opponent's quarterback look like he belongs in the Pro Bowl.

I know - I know - an overreaction to a loss...the Giants are still 3-2...blah blah blah. But as long as this team continues to play down to it's level of competition - it's going to be a long season.

This team sucks.

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