Monday, October 10, 2011


I tried to resist reading anything about G-Men this morning since I had seen a horrified game yesterday with own eyes. But, I just like to see what TC has to say and no surprise same old speech:
"“We played poorly,” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin. “When you don’t deserve to win you don’t win…the sloppiness of the game, the turnovers. You’re not going to win football games when you’re handing people the ball, point blank range or whatever…our woes continue with the rushing game, we didn’t stop the run…Poor performance, that’s my fault, we didn’t play well…"
Blah blah blah...
Here are few facts that I think we need to accept and save our energy (or try to) to somehow enjoy the remaining games:
1) Killdrive will continue to kill drives with his inept ability to be aggressive or creative in play calling for the entire 60 minutes. We'll be lucky if we get more than two drives with aggressive plays. Otherwise, lets hope and pray for big plays.
2) Killdrive will stay as long as TC is around and/or Giants are hovering over 0.500 record.
3) Cruz is green and needs time to develop into a legitimate WR. He was undrafted after all. If it took Toomer couple of seasons to be THE Toomer that we all know then it will take Cruz at least that long. BTW, it took that douche bag Smith couple of seasons too. So, Cruz is way ahead of him.
4) Speaking of WR, Manningham needs to step up NOW bcuz he sucks as #2/3 on the depth chart. #2 receiver is supposed to draw attention off #1 but I don't quite see that. Speaking of #1, Nicks has been a disappoinment this season so far as #1: too inconsistent from game to game!
5) JR needs to scout better on OL and LBs. Our current OL sucks! Can't open holes and can't block. There are too many "projects" that I'm tired of hearing "we're getting better". Nugh said.
6) Our offense doesn't scare anyone and our defense is not strong enough to hold down the fort for 45 minutes plus => 0.500 record => Go back to item #1
So, hang on to our seats. It's going to be long roller coaster ride for the rest of the season. It just like yesterday game: only Giants can make you laugh then cry then laugh then cry in a span of 10 minutes!!!
But hey, my blood will always be BLUE till death.
Big P.

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