Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Giants Injury Bug Keeps Running Rampant and So Does Antonio Pierce's Mouth

The snowball of injuries continue...

We all know about:
Clint Sintim
Prince Amukamara
Terrell Thomas
Marvin Austin
Domenik Hixon
Jonathan Goff
That long list of Prime Giant players was so surreal, that I thought I jinxed them. I followed each of them on twitter. Eesh!

Then Baas, Tuck, Jacobs sat out this week. Snee has a concussion and may be out next game...

Ok...tough sport and injuries happen. But why does Antonio Pierce have to give Justin Tuck and Brandon Jacobs crap about not playing. Did he not learn from Tiki calling out former players in public?

They have to be two of the toughest players on the Giants. Great leaders and I believe they would have played if they could. But you had to find a story and you had to take the short cut...

Antonio Pierce said,“To me if you don’t have an injury that needs surgery, or that’s severe, you need to be out there,”

Just like you were with your neck injury, Antonio. If Pierce played with a broken ankle or was known as an iron man player, I'd back off. Keep the billy bad ass talk for your golf buddies when bragging about the NFL days. These are fellow teammates that battled next to you. Not to mention kept publicly quiet and supported you and Plaxico that fateful night in the Latin Quarter.

Antonio...Are you a Giants beat reporter because I didn't think you were. Go report about Peyton Hillis and his lame ass excuse that his agent advised him not to play because of a sore throat... BE-Cause that is weak!

AIR HORN to you Mr. Pierce!

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