Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bad and good news!!!

Well, G-Men had exactly one week of 99% of active roster healthy. Then of course the football Gods have to change all that quickly: Bradshaw is out indefinitely with cracked bone in his foot. SMH!!! Good news is Prince may finally make season debut to compensate for losing ANOTHER (back up) CB for the season (Justin Tryon). More details are on this link
After complaining about lack of carries, BJ got his wish so he better shuts up and steps up his game this week. So does Ware as #2. I sure like to see Da'Rel Scott getting some reps too...
This is for sure: I don't want to hear any bleep about injuries from any team especially cowtards, sheagles, and not-yets.

G-Men: Bring your 2007-type of game to this Sunday to battle these patsies.
Go Big Blue.
Big P.

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