Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A special thanks to the New York football Giants!!

As fans we often take everything the team does as a personal attack. We tend to lash out every time there's a contract dispute or when there's some chatter we don't agree with.. There are, however; times that we should just give thanks for the effort... Sunday's match, was one of these instances... going into foxboro, licking wounds, dealing with an impressive streak, getting no respect, with every home team fan hating the players' guts... And to perform like that, are you kidding me?... I'll be honest... I didn't think BIGBLUE would win simply because there was no AB... I was under the assumption that while BJ is nice, he would be unable to handle the work load of an entire game, with Ware untested, I thought that this would make the difference.... But for our beloved GIANTS to come out and do the damn thing... This fan says THANK YOU!! Thank you for reminding me of the reason we are all GIANTS fans... Was it just me or that game transport you to the mid 80's?.... I was sooo stressed out that I had a difficult watching. And towards the end, that last drive.... well lets just say I may or may not have needed to throw away the boxerbriefs I was wearing.... The taste of this victory reminded me of the milk from the GIANTS tit that I suckled as a youth in Brooklyn.... The main point of this post is just to give thanks!!!! Thanks Ballard, for a sure handed effort. Thanks Manningham for stepping up your game. Thanks defense for time and time again stopping the pats, till the offense could figure a plan to get into the endzone. Thank you Coughlin for the flawless game management and executive decisions made in those critical final seconds. And a special thanks to Eli... In the week proceeding this game, the media would not stop the abuse. The whole issue of the Elite statement, and all the attention it was getting could have caused the strongest of men to fold... Thanks for bouncing back and T.C.B.- ing it on that last drive. As far as I'm concerned, you'll have this fans respect and admiration forever.. And a special thanks to the BIGBLUEDFW crew, for being cool and calm during Sunday's game. Thanks for not just sitting at your tables like stiffs. Thanks for showing the collective love and dismay during the course of the game... I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Our group is the tits!!! On a side note..... Joe's called me up last night and informed me the pats fans got with them to say they would no longer return... The reasons listed were all staff related, they don't feel like they get enough love there... I then presented a different hypothesis.... Their team got beat.... after all the shit talk... after all the jerk off cheers... And they got their noses rubbed in it after.... Period!... It's one of the worse cases of crybabyism this blogger's seen since my little sister dropped her ice cream cone back when she was 7.... So I say F-em and their clam chowder...... peace.... Jmall

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Peter said...

Well played my brotha!