Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Bunch of Wes "Welchers"

I never bet on the's just something I don't do. So when the Manager of Buffalo Joe's approached me and said the New England Patriots watching party leaders wanted to make a friendly wager on the Giants/Patriots game - I hesitated. I really didn't want to...but when the two guys (who shall be left unnamed) insisted - I thought...why not? It will be a friendly bet - one for camaraderie.

You see - for two weeks - we shared a bar. That's right - 2 weeks. Seems odd since we just finished Week 9. I agree...but that seems to be a story for another time.

So as far as the bet goes - I thought I would make nice and agree to what the two Patriots fans deemed as a "friendly wager." I had some regret due to the Patriots winning streak at home - perhaps some leftover Superbowl XLII anger - maybe some of my own superstition - but I let it stand.

Fast forward to approximately 6:30pm this past Sunday. By now - you have seen on television - heard on the radio - might have even read about it in the paper. It turns out - Eli Manning has "Out-Brady-ed Tom Brady" in Foxborough. Another delightful day for Big Blue.

Game over. Time to pay up. So where were the two Patriots fan group leaders? Nowhere to be found. Like the crowd at Gillette Stadium - they left quietly in an orderly fashion.

Bet unpaid. Camaraderie lost. Turns out - they're a bunch of Wes "Welchers" (picture included).

I may not be a lot of things...but at least I'm a man of my word.