Saturday, December 10, 2011

Parking Clarification

For those that will be meeting with BigBlueDFW fans at Buffalo Joe's at noon on Sundaym I wanted to take a minute to inform everyone that we only have 2 parking lot passes for the tailgate and both passes are already being used for two specific vehicles. As of this time, the passengers of both vehicles are already accounted for if we've been in touch with you.

Everyone is more than welcome to come join the tailgate party with the rest of the fans, as mentioned previously, but unfortunately we have to pay for these passes and there are only so many that can fit in a vehicle.

Hopefully everybody was aware of this already. Anybody with a parking pass for lot 13 is more than welcome to roll out with us and we'd be happier to have you in a parking space next to us. Also, if you'd like to meet us at Buffalo Joe's at noon on Sunday, we might be able to carry some supplies, but I can't guarantee this since we've already got a lot going out with us.

Can't wait to see you all there. GO BIG BLUE!

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Anonymous said...

This is Moises I got my pass so I'm rolling with you guys!!! Big blue!!!