Monday, December 12, 2011

An UnbELIevable Day...

The BigBlueDFW Annual Tailgate was a huge success! Definitely our largest turnout yet. I'd like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the Giants down here in enemy territory. Props to the fellow BigBlueDFW crew for setting it up and making it a blast!

Not only were the pre and post game tailgating tons of fun - but we were all treated to the best game of the season. Like we always say, "We could go 2-14 just as long as we beat the Cowboys twice." Well - getting the first one under our belt was definitely a gem.

If you're keeping track at home - that's 3-0 at the Meadowlands South. (Or what others are calling Eli's Summer Home.) Personally I like them both! In 3 games at "Jerry World" or "The Tarrant County Colosseum" -- Eli is 77/120 (64%) - 1036 yards - 8TDs - 4INTs - 100.5 Rating. That's just outstanding.

Special thanks go to Joe "The License Plate Guy" for spending a couple hours with us taking pictures and sharing some great stories. If you're not familiar with him - check out his facebook page at License Plate Guy.

I would also like to thank Brandon Jacob's wife Kim, and Dave Tollefson's wife Megan for stopping by the tailgate. They couldn't have been nicer. For a couple of women who admitted to having pregame butterflies - it was sure nice of them to stop by and say hello.

Also need to give a shout out to the guys over at Big Blue Interactive
for spreading the word about the tailgate. It's always nice to meet fellow Giants fans from different parts of the country.

We'll be doing it again next year - so save the website or make a note to check back for the details next year.

Until then - Go Big Blue!


Anonymous said...

Had an outstanding great time and it was so fun meeting everyone. My son and I had a blast and we look forward to making this an annual event! Way to go Big BlueDFW!!

Jeffrey Kucharski said...

Thanks for a great tailgate. It was great to welcomed so warmly by the dallas big blue fans.