Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Damn it feels good to be a champion!!

Well the Jmall's back from the bloggers abyss... Sorry I haven't blessed you readers with the usual weekly prose but the G-Men started winning after I stopped posting... But now the 2011 season is over and its now time to look forward to seeing our beloved GIANTS defend that holiest of holy sports championship.... The mother loving Super Bowl!!!
First of all.... THE GIANTS ARE THE CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!..... sorry it'll be a while till that's out of my system.... Now..... Thank you BIGBLUEDFW... thank you for showing up every Sunday, thanks for showing the kind of enthusiasm expected from a proper GIANTS fan(towards the end there, the bandwagoners posted, but its the same with every team so W.T.F... what can you do?)... Thankyou to the people from Buffalo Joe's for hosting our awesome group.... The bugs will get worked out as bugs usually do... But the GIANTS won so as far as it goes for me... it was perfect!!!
Now with this victory I have nothing but sunshine and happy endings, so please excuse the lack of wit. If any of you thought that the GIANTS were going to win the Super Bowl after week 12, then to you I say... quit your bull shitting.... at that point of the season I believe we were all clinging to outside hope and desperate wishing... But once in the play offs, near to full health, why the hell not?... The point being.... when other fan groups tend to fade when the forecast is bleak... our BIGBLUE brothers and sisters, stayed the course and showed up, with bated breath, but showed we did.... all I can say to an outsider is.... "That's just how we do it".... Special thanks to my boy Drew for being our ambassador, meeting and greeting every newcomer with that million dollar smile. That takes a special kind of person to shoulder that responsibility. As for the season.... well you were there and you know what happened. Me personally, I believed that once Bradshaw returned, the GIANTS would start their winning ways... but thats just me. For every run, this season... even those bonehead draw plays on third and 15+... every thing counted... every thing led to something else that ultimately led to victory... So step off Gilbrite's nut sac.... thats all.... I'm out, .... Im going to miss the shit out of our crew....

P.S...... I'm calling for an O-lineman with the 32nd pick.... more to come,stay tuned

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Anonymous said...

Well said ima miss you guys as well!! Who you wit? Big Blue!!!