Thursday, December 15, 2011


First and foremost I want to thank Bob, Drew, Jamal and Peter for all they did Sunday to make our tailgate bad ass. Bob once again thanks for pulling through and getting the tickets You da' Man. Drew thanks for all you do with BIG BLUE DFW and everything you brought to make the the tailgate awesome. Jamal thanks again for getting the parking passes You da Man too. Peter once again thanks for driving You da' Man. I appreciate it.
Now for that game Sunday night at Meadowlands South. We own that Bitch! Thanks Jerry and the city of Arlington for making all of us GIANTS fans feel so at home. I know Eli (can't spell ELIte without ELI) 27 for 47 400 yards two TD's loves his home away from home too. What a game, Jacobs 101 punishing yards 2 TD’s. JPP 2 sacks one for a safety 8 tackles and most importantly that beautifully timed blocked kick to seal the deal. That was definitely the best game all year. Its sure is nice to be in first place again.

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