Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Trails

Tis the off season of our discontent, every year during the time between now and Sep.. we sit around (ass cheeks clenched) hoping, no praying that our favorite players don't get cut/traded. Being that we cheer for BIGBLUE, we are smarter than the typical fan.... So far Jacobs and Manningham have fallen under the guillotine of circumstance.... But lets see if the Jmall can make it better with a little chicken soup for the soul... First Manningham.... he did show up big in the playoffs... but lets be real, was it because he did any thing different than in years past? Or was it the fact that given the choice of who to focus on... Nicks, Cruz, or Manningham? I personally feel disappointed by Mario through his first seasons... if you know me then you know that when BIGBLUE drafted him, I rode his jock like Seabiscuit... So, while he can stand out now, Crabtree wouldnt sniff the field at GIANTS stadium, so I believe he'll (Mario)revert back to a 3rd, 4th type receiver that he really is..... As for Mr. Jacobs, I love the man. His fire, his in your face style, his bravado and machismo makes this loss harder to take... But remember peeps... Even though some claim that the GIANTS are a pass first team, The slide didn't occur until Bradshaw missed games with injury. And during this time the big man had the perfect stage to display the skill and heart to show us all that he deserves all the $ he was bitching about... But instead, loss after loss after loss, until Bradshaw returned to the lineup. Now while the big fella was pivotal in an untarnished cowboy stadium win loss record..... It really isn't all that hard to say goodbye to yesterday... I'm not hating on these guys, hell I love em... just, I believe that they are easily replaced.... Yes I said it.... So lets trust in the front office, and let the championship sun nurture our faces, pump up our chests and add fuel to the retorts we deliver to the fans of the other 31 teams in the league..... ......................... Jmall..

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