Saturday, March 24, 2012

Giants want Coby Fleener

Sorry Peter, my money is against that plan due to a weak Tight End draft year, Mel Kiper predicted it, the Giants were seen at Fleener's pro day and the Giants draft best value on the board regardless of need. I was hoping you would have sold me on your pick, but we got NADA! I am an easy sale. Any thoughts?

I see a Running Back or Defensive Back in our future. Since the Giants do not fear taking the fallen potential #1 pick slipping due to off the field issues... don't be surprised to see another player slip to the Giants at #32 ( DB Janoris Jenkins).

Let's face it would you be surprised if the Giants take another Defensive End? Well, unless half the other 31 teams draft every Defensive End in sight. This is a copy cat league and our New York Giants are Super Bowl Champions!

I wonder how many Defensive Ends get drafted in the first round?

Who do you think the Giants draft? The Giants never fail to shock and awe. Someone post the video of JPP's draft year.

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