Sunday, March 18, 2012

My 2012 pick is in!

My 2012 1st draft pick is
Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford (6-6, 244 lbs)
I want me some Air Fleener.
Big P.
PS: Just one pick this year and no need to discuss...


Bob said...

Way to go out on a limb - Peter. Did you find that in Mel Kiper's "Craptology Draft Picks 101" about 10 minutes ago?

Mac- said...

We waited 24 hours after the due date to get Fleener. Wasn't that a mock draft from February.

Pick again...

I received texts and emails. Here is a sample:

One was in Dutch- "Dat is jammer. Doe voorzichtig! " That doesn't sound good in any language.

So, Big P this time we need some passion and a true Big Blue DFW representation. Give us one more player.

Pick Peter Pick! Pick Peter Pick.

The timer is set...You have one week or ...

MartyB said...

Big P dont know Marty B! I can only express how I feel about this slap in the face draft pick with a rap to the tune of my hit single Cap n Crunch Rap. Produced by MartyBTV

I love Cap n Crunch
its my favorite type of Lunch.
I love Cap n Crunch
I eat a whole bunch.
Cap nnnnnn CRRRRUNCH!

Big P can bite my weener
Cuz he likes Colby Fleener
Now I'm the guy in NYC
Big P dont know me!

MartyB said...

oh and Au Revoir bitches!

Jmall said...

Yo Pete... I feel like I got the rub without tug... break it down for us