Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hey Eli...Would You Mind Taking Care of Business?

I just heard a stat that said Eli was tied for 2nd in the NFL with the most yards passing in the second half of regular season games with 2,634 yards. But what does that mean?

Here's what it means to this Giants fan. For those of you that don't know, it's been made known that Kevin Gilbride and Eli Manning like to game plan the first 16 plays of every game so that Eli can get an idea of what the opposing defense is going to do on each play that he calls. No matter how the play turns out they [supposedly] still run these plays. If you figure that it usually takes the first quarter to get through at least 16 initial plays, that means that the Giants really have only one quarter to work with for the first half. With the Giants run game being off last year there wasn't as much success to be had running until Eli start slinging the ball around in the 2nd half of games. An ESPN NFL sports analyst who shall remain nameless (I'm not giving him any more attention than he's already received) stated that a certain NFC east QB was better than Eli in the regular season. Maybe it's because the Giants coaching staff have a better idea on how to let a game unfold strategically with a quarterback who knows what he's doing, instead of relying on a QB that is only looking to make a big play out of one that is already broken.

Go ahead all you doubters, keep sleeping on a quarterback that has silently grabbed 2 Super Bowls and 2 Super Bowl MVP's while still hiding in the shadows of Gotham city. You call him Eli. I might just start calling him Batman.

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