Thursday, July 12, 2012

What It Takes To Be A Team Player

Why doesn't Mathias Kiwanuka get more attention than he does? (Okay, honestly, it's because he plays behind JPP, Tuck, and Osi....but that's beside the point)

In all seriousness, Kiwi is to the defense like David Diehl is to the offense. Both are role players that don't complain and do their best to take care of business. Kiwanuka came into the NFL as a certified tweener. He was slightly too big for linebacker and too small for defensive end. Yet somehow he finds a way to  handle both positions with above average skills. More importantly, how about a guy who stood in the face of adversity and kept quiet while doing what was asked of him. Kiwi came into the league as a defensive end but was asked to move to a hybrid linebacker/defensive-end position to help with the Giants needs on defense. Not to mention he stepped in to fill an open defensive end position after Osi was sidelined in 2008 due to season ending injury. After a neck injury sidelined Kiwi in 2010, a contract year, he stayed loyal and took a two year contract extension to prove to the Giants that he was still capable of the same skills that made him an top asset to the Giants in previous years. With his company man attitude Kiwi's contributions helped earn him a SuperBowl ring in 2012 and found himself the proud owner of an extended contract that will keep him in a Big Blue uniform for an additional four years. Not bad for a guy who missed his opportunity to play in a Super Bowl in 2007 when he broke his fibula.

Kiwi, we don't always take the time to celebrate your dedication, but there will always be an open seat at BigBlueDFW tailgates in Dallas waiting to give you the thanks of many Giants fans, a free plate of food, and an open stocked cooler. Check the website and you'll know where to find us.   

***Side note, if you talk against the family, all said promises in paragraph three will be null and void.

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