Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Now or Never

With the start of preseason training camp comes the expectations of many Giants fans and Giants coaching staff to see the promise of draft picks that haven't quite reached their full long term potential. We all have our own players that we're waiting to see step it up and show off their abilities. This post is going to focus on three individuals that come to mind for this Giants fan. Please feel free to comment and add your own.

**Note: For this post I'll be looking at players that have more than two years of playing time.

  1. Danny Ware aka DJ Ware (Momma call him Danny, Imma call him Danny) - After being drafted by the Titans in 2007, Danny Ware made a brief appearance with the Jets before making his way to the Giants. Danny Ware has been a backup running back behind the bruising backs of Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, Derrick Ward, Reuben Droughns, and probably a couple of others I'm missing. Since 2009, when he's had the chance to be the 3rd running back on the team, Danny hasn't really done enough to show he's ready to be a premier backup running back for the Giants. He shows promise in preseason but doesn't ever really show it off when it counts, except for the occasional block. He'll be the 2nd running back in preseason behind Ahmad Bradshaw. My prediction, he'll play half the season while David Wilson learns how to block for Eli. If DJ isn't lighting it up, I'd expect him to finish out the second half behind the first round draft pick while looking for another team in the offseason.
  2. Will Beatty - The left tackle whose stature and athletic build is supposed to prove to Giants fans he was worth drafting in the 2nd round as a replacement to Giants favorite David Diehl. I like Will overall. He's got good character traits. But so far those character traits have not proven to make him a worthwhile replacement to the solid play of David Diehl. Beatty comes into camp this season working on trying to recover from an injury to his eye and back issues that both plagued him at the end of the 2011 season. All we know is that he says he'll be ready for the 2012 training camp. So far that remains to be seen. I like Beatty's size and his athletic abilities but he's been injury prone and that makes it difficult to replace the consistency of David Diehl. My prediction: If the back remains healthy I think he stays the Giants left tackle for the entire season. That said, don't be surprised is we start to see James Brewer begin his transition to the left tackle position of the Giants offensive line. 
  3. Ramses Barden - This one hurts a little bit. I can remember contacting BigBlueDFW's Bob in the offseason of 2009 to talk about what I had seen of Barden in some of the pre-draft camps of 2009. I thought he looked like a starter kit solution for Plaxico Burress, who'd soon be going off to prison after his 2008 grand finale. Barden's height and his one handed catch making abilities seemed to make him a perfect red zone replacement for Eli's favorite target. So far we've seen much hype without much substance (sounds like a couple of NFC East QB's other than Eli). My prediction: Ramses finds his way to the bench when new addition Reuben Randle finds a way to prove his play making capabilities with the help of THE General, Eli Manning. 
Think I missed talking about someone who hasn't stepped it up? Let me know. Hit me up in the comments. 

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