Thursday, September 6, 2012

Giants Cowboys Reaction

Well - just got home from Buffalo Joe's and I had some thoughts about the game.  I figured I would express some immediate thoughts that are going through my head because this time tomorrow - I'm moving on to Tampa on 9/16/12.

These are in no particular order:

Am I upset the Giants loss - yes.  Absolutely.  Did the Cowboys end our season much like we ended their season 8 months  You see - they are pissed - and they should be.  The Giants have had their number 7 out of the last 9 times.  (Actually now 7 out of the last 10).  And for that reason - they hate us.  They hate us because we've ended their playoff hopes twice in recent memory.  So what did they do - over spend on some corners to slow down Eli Manning who torched them for 700+ yards last year.

Honestly - I'm surprised the Giants only lost by 7.  I know - I know - that's an awful thing to say but in reality we were fielding our 5 and 6th corners out there.  If Eli Manning was facing a team that was that far down the roster at corner - I'm thinking he would have led the Giants to a larger margin of victory.  That's just my opinion.

Victor Cruz is the man.  But he picked a really bad time to start dropping the ball.  It started on the first series and continued throughout the game.

Other than the introductions when the players state their name and colleges - did anyone hear Osi Umenyiora's name once?  Wasn't he the guy that bitched and moaned about not getting paid...that he had outplayed his current contract?  At least show up against Dallas.

The line needs to figure it out.  They only have to block one guy on their defense and yet he somehow had 2 sacks tonight.  All you have to do is find out where he is and block him - we've been successfull at it before.

Lastly - it's only game 1.  It's September and there are 15 more games to get it right.  Sure - living in Dallas will suck for the next 11 days - but it's been pretty awesome for the last 214 days.

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