Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The greatest of qualities

I woke up this morning kinda in a somber mood. Driving into to work all the flags flying half mast gives way to introspection.  9-11 today, and while there's been so much history between then and now, this day will be a memorable one for obvious reasons.  But that's not what this is about today, simply stated this is about our beloved city's response to those events.  I'm proud to be a New Yorker, proud of the fact that when faced with the most horrific unimaginable of circumstances, the city took a collective breath and then did every thing she could to make things right.  With all the political unrest, the distrust of the NYPD, and the general in your face bravado displayed on a daily basis, the way the city came together was a thing of beauty. Not to be insensitive to other cities, but when disaster struck, there was a complete breakdown. Even though the impending threat was foreshadowed and eminent; still the stronger took advantage of the weaker and the weak were left fall by the wayside. I'm proud that in a city that will make or break you at the drop of a hat, will also take you into the fold when our way of life is challenged.  The main goal of a terror attack  is to cause mass confusion making citizens and the system break down.... But we didn't breakdown, we instead answered the call from the first ring.  This day even though sad, can also be used as a tool for the rest of the country to show that ordinary people can kick in when it truly counts to lend assistance to our countrymen.                                                                    NYG4L..... Jmall

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