Monday, October 1, 2012

Giants/Eagles Reaction

Is it me - or are Giants fans just spoiled to think that Eli Manning can march down the field with any amount of time left?  No matter what the situation.

Honestly - I thought he was going to do it again.  And why shouldn't I believe that?  He's done it many times before and he'll do it many times again.  I guess he just can't do it every time.

That's what makes this game suck.  But let's be honest - the Eagles have owned us.  And I just don't get it.  All you have to do is stop the run and cover Jackson...that's it.  But somehow the Giants want to make it more complicated.

All week - all you hear is how the Giants front four is going to own the Eagles offensive line.  How Michael Vick is going to have a difficult time.  He's been hit on 33% of his drop backs.  He turns the ball over more than any other player through the first 3 games.  What does that all add up to?  Nothing.

As far as the game goes itself - I thought the Giants should have run another play - but who am I? I'm just a guy watching the game like everyone else. Did I think Tynes could make a 54 yarder? No. I didn't.  So I don't blame him.

The Eagles have 3 wins by a combined 4 points.  Are they lucky?  Maybe.  But I also see it as being 3 plays away from being 0-4.

All in all - what can you do?  They have had our number.  Something like 6 of the last 7 times...good for you.

What do you have to show for it?


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