Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Giants/Panthers Reaction

Wow - Did anyone predict Ramses Barden going 9 - 138?  Because I sure didn't.  The last time I saw him - Coach Coughlin was yelling at him during a 30 minute show called Sound FX.  Honestly - I had just about seen enough of him and expected that kind of game from Rueben Randle.  Hopefully he can do it again.

Andre Brown - where did you come from?  (Aside from NC State).  You have to like the guy that just patiently waited his turn and has actually done something with it.  20 - 133 and 2 TDs...can't ask for anything more.  Thankfully his 4 game suspension was overturned or else we might not have ever seen this from him.

There really aren't enough superlatives to describe Eli Manning.  He just continues to do his job no matter who's lined up next to him.  I've heard the argument both ways but personally I think it's the quarterback that makes the receiver look good.  Just ask Martellus Bennett.  I bet he'd agree.

Now it's hard to criticize Osi for having a timely sack but I'm going to do it anyways.  On the Stevie Brown interception - if you look up field on the replay - Osi is just standing there.  Find someone to block.  I'm convinced that return would have been much longer if Mr. Complacent had hustled down field to throw a block.  (He had one tackle which was his sack - he tied Jerrel Jernigan).

Oh - and Cam Newton.  Maybe you should look at the scoreboard before you do you little not-so-Superman dance.  Rumor is he pushed his teammates out of the way the week before so he could do his celebration.

It's been a couple days but I just got around to watching the NFL Network Postgame show after the Giants/Panthers game.  Here are a couple of observations (in no particular order):

Is it me - or does Eli just know exactly what to say during interviews.

Michael Irvin is just an over-laugher.  I mean when he gets going - you can't hear anything else.

Say what you will about Deion Sanders - but it cracks me up when he starts singing, "I believe in Eli."  It's obvious that it makes Eli uncomfortable but Eli told him that he listens to that before every game.

It's good to hear a female sideline reporter that doesn't sound like a man. (Alex Flanagan keeping it real).

I didn't realize this until Steve Mariucci pointed it out - but there wasn't any grass stains on Eli's jersey...he was looking fresh during his post game interview.  Need to give props to the make shift line.

Now - it seems like everyone on set contributed to a gift bag that Eli Manning got during his postgame interview.  Deion gave him his cd.  Mariucci gave him a hat.  Marshall Faulk gave him a Marshall Faulk bobble head doll.  But I didn't see anything from Michael Irvin.  I guess they figured an 8-ball of coke would have been a bad idea.

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