Monday, May 5, 2014

BigBlueDFW Mock Draft Fun

Since "Peter's Pick" has evolved into nothing more than a name/height/weight - I thought we'd join the fun this year and give our own predictions.

I emailed the guys that "contribute" to BigBlueDFW and asked them to pick two players they thought the Giants would draft in the 1st round.  Here's what I got:


Darqueeze Dennard - CB - Michigan State
The 2014 12th overall draft pick will be a hard hitting, physical corner with exceptional speed, and a keen eye for the ball. This player has a not only a great name but is commonly referred to as "No-Fly Zone."  At 5'11, 197 lbs he was a 2013 First Team All American, Jim Thorpe Recipient, with 62 tackles and 4 ints.

Kony Ealy - DE - Missouri
This may be a stretch since we recently signed Robert Ayers.  However with the loss of Justin Tuck he can provide insurance along with Damontre Moore at Defensive End position.


Odell Beckham Jr. - WR - LSU
With Mike Evans off the board the Giants look to improve the offense with a receiver who gets yards after the catch, has good speed and good hands and has return capabilities. Having a player that fills multiple needs instead of a guy who does just one role is important considering how many holes the team has.

Zach Martin - OL - Notre Dame
This is still rough for me to pick. He's versatile and seems like he has the size for Guard or Center but he spend his college career at tackle. I could see the Giants grabbing this guy and perhaps using him come the middle of the year.  I guess I just have to get over the fact that the Giants don't normally draft a guy in the first and play him right away. That's what I want.


Zack Martin - OL - Notre Dame
In seasons where the Giants have been successful - they were good at protecting their quarterback and harassing the opponents quarterback.  This helps with protecting Eli.  Martin seems to be the popular pick as we get closer to draft day - but I think his versatility at guard and tackle gives the Giants tons of options.

Calvin Pryor - FS - Louisville
With the thought that the Giants didn't extend Antrel Rolle this offseason - I was thinking they'd find an open field tackler with an intimidating presence to replace him.  He's versatile in coverage and can help outside or in the slot.  With all the secondary free agency signings this offseason - he wouldn't have to start immediately...making a strong play towards the middle of the season.

Keep in mind - the Giants are always a wild card when it comes to the draft.  Just when you think there's a logical fit - they seem to "trust their board" and go an entirely different direction.

Members of BigBlueDFW were contacted but no other picks were submitted.  Lazy Bastards.


Peter said...

I'm retired from NFL draft board.

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