Monday, September 17, 2012

Giants/Tampa Bay Reaction

Where do I start?  I mean - this game was just an absolute emotional roller coaster.  Did I have my doubts?  Yes.  But did I ever think the Giants were out of it?  No.  As long as Eli Manning is the quarterback - the Giants are never out of any game.  Period.

Now - he didn't help himself by throwing 3 really inexcusable interceptions - but once again - Eli just shrugs it off and goes onto the next play.  A lot of the media types make fun of his demeanor saying he shows no emotion - but that's exactly why Giants fans love him.  (Not to mention the 2 Superbowl MVPs)

As much as I was concerned about Ahmad Bradshaw leaving the game with a neck injury - I have to admit - I was a little surprised how well Andre Brown looked.  The coaching staff even had enough confidence to give him the rock on a 3rd and short and the two point conversion.

When David Diehl went down early - I was concerned.  This line has been average at best but I must say - I was somewhat surprised on how the line responded.  Props to the line for keeping Eli upright and allowing him to pass for 510 yards.

I think the hit Kenny Phillips put on Vincent Jackson changed the momentum of the game and sent a message to his teammates.  And I'm guessing Corey Webster heard it because he wound up getting a pick on the very next play.  (That doesn't excuse Webster's poor play - but it was something good at the right time).

Marty B needs to catch the ball.  I know he caught the game tying touchdown but it really could have helped our cause if he had caught the ball that hit him in the helmet early in the game.

Osi Watch 2012:  If you're paying attention at home - and I know you are - it's now two complete games and I haven't heard Osi Umentiora's name called (other than the announced introductions).  As a matter of fact - I looked at the box score to find out he had 1 tackle during the Tampa Bay game.  That tied him with Andre Brown and Martellus Bennett...seriously.  (Just out of curiosity - I went back to the box score of the Dallas game and saw he had 1 tackle - but so did Chris Snee).

Finally - Greg Schiano.  All I can say is - karma.  If you want to push the rules to the limit - it will eventually come back to bite you.  Personally - I don't give damn what you've done at Rutgers or even what you did at Ramapo High.  (And since you never even won the Big East - I would imagine a lot of people don't care what you did there either).  Just the fact that one of your bullet points is coaching Jonathan Vilma at Miami tells me enough.  I just hope he didn't write a check his team can't cash.

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